Old Stomping Grounds

Hey Souls, To dive right in I'm gonna save all the gushing and fan girling I usually do and keep it short and sweet. The inspiration behind this shoot was personal for me and Tahiry , we both had such beautiful memories in this exact area of Harlem. Funny enough Tahiry actually lived in the building where my cousin was raised and still lives, This building is a staple in my life with all the summers spent there , the sleepovers, the growing pains evolved there... Till this day my cousins apartment is just as much my home as it really is hers.

This set has to be one of my favorites not only because of the significance of the location but rather the amazing team of individuals who showed up , created, and tackled every obstacle head on. I cannot thank my friends enough for waking up early and believing in my crazy ideas. An even bigger thanks to the Tahiry Glam Squad for bringing my vision to life and keeping us all in good spirits! 

This project showed me a lot about my self , my strengths and shortcomings. I thank god for bringing Oscar into my life (Throws Hands Up In Gratitude) Oscar is an amazing Stylist and he put all the lovely outfits your viewing together. Oscar was the first person to teach me what a shot list was. A shot list if you don't know is a detailed agenda of the production process on the shoot, in other words a really organized mood board or Itinerary. To some this may be small and dumb , but for me it taught me a new way of attacking my visual goals. Im the type of person who shows up , meets the model, checks wardrobe, scouts locations on the spot, and without direction starts shooting. This new way of planning has helped me not only save time but guide myself and clients in achieving the best visual outcome. Im gonna share a small example below in hopes of helping another young creative in staying organized.

All in all I feel very proud of this body of work and can only say a huge thanks to Tahiry for allowing me to put such a project together and giving me creative freedom, as always such a pleasure working with the empowering Latina Boss that you are ❤️   

I hope you guys enjoy the visuals and find my shot list example useful , till next shoot souls!


Styling: Oscar Montes de Oca 

MUA: Mercedes Lennon

Hair : Lena Smalls 

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.46.20 AM.png

End result....

P.s remember that the shot list is a guide , its not always concrete directions , you can always leave room for detail adjustments.

julianny casado