Let It Shine

 While writing for the site , I desire to continuously emphasize the strong point of being organic ( YO SELF!)  And as personal ( Get Real Baby !)  As possible throughout the blog. So when brainstorming about content it never occurred to me that I could actually integrate my true passions with my writing and social expression. I had this limited idea that in order to blog, it could only be about those main stream/popular content tabs like FASHION , BEAUTY , FOOD, TRAVEL, ETC …and don't get me wrong; these are some areas I would love to explore . Also to share with the beautiful souls that take the time out to be here , but if I'm being honest I'm not a consistent fashionista or beauty expert. I can style myself and beat the crap out of my own face , but do I consider myself a guide in those departments ..? Not yet . I want you guys to know that I'm growing and in doing so allowing you to view not only my progress but my setbacks ( Talk About Being Personal, Huh?)   . 


Since this is my first photo post I feel like I have to elaborate a bit more on the blog ,the content I've chosen, and why I'm doing it. As Im sure most of you know I am a photographer. If You didn't, well … theres that lol . I eat , breathe , and sleep photos. If you don't believe me you are welcome to stop by my house anytime. I truly admire people who perfect their crafts; so I don't like to label myself as that which I'm not , yet I don't limit myself to the possibilities of whom I can choose to become. So when I was creating the layout of my site and finally got to the pages/tabs option , it occurred to me that I should link my portfolio; naturally.  The only issue with that is that my portfolio site is still being edited , so that was a fork in the road. I truly wanted people to feel me , and that meant everything. So I stepped away from the site and pondered on a solution . Should I rush the portfolio ? Just put out what I kinda like and revise later? No , to sloppy. So I mowed it over a bit more , and the idea to share my work process came to mind . Ive seen other creatives do behind the scenes or how to’s and that wasn't something I thought of , not on a grand scale anyway. I have never shared how I create and execute projects , and that thought fueled something in me. It made me realize how much of my magic stays hidden until I reveal a finished shot , and even then the viewer only has a caption to understand the body of work. So I chose to create this photo space where I get real about inspiration, concepts, styling, etc. I wanna share the beauty of my craft with you guys. The effortless planning , the crazy malfunctions, even the hidden surprises that no one saw coming. Im not 100% sure on how I will drop content like this aesthetically , but I will be pushing myself consistently to showcase what I do. I hope it helps someone or simply inspires them to share their magic. Im sure we can always make room for more of that. So Enjoy!  


For this shoot our main inspiration came from the goddess Grace Jones , I got a call a few months ago from one of my dearest friends Fitch (who killed this shoot fyi ) she excitedly yet randomly blurts out " Ju we have to do a grace jones shoot! I know you're the only person who can do it how I see it ." How could I say no ?!  For one, it wasn't something I'd done ( The Aries in me loved that) and Secondly , I really just wanted to go back to Philly , so it worked.  

Then a few weeks later I ended up linking with my old college friend Keikoel (god bless this womans chameleon nature!) and we gushed on each others accomplishments since college and how we should do some work , and guess who comes up as Inspo? Yup Grace! So we all got together ( after funny college stories on what major who was and who knew who: you know, sliding in dm's and heavy emojied texts ) and we start setting dates as well as pushing concept ideas around .We pulled makeup looks inspired by Grace's work and strong photographs taken of her. All I knew at the time was that I wanted color and I wanted heavy emotion; The ladies definitely embodied the direction we built as a collective. We had a beautiful team that day with not one but two talented makeup artists ( Kaylee  / Ibukun ) an extra photographer ( Thanks Charlie, you rock!) and some extra hands to hold reflectors & give support, I can't thank all of you enough for the magic we created , I hope you guys enjoy this the most , Here we go !

julianny casado