Hey Souls!  

I know the photo section has been a bit dry around here as of late but I haven't really had too many personal projects happening and the ones I have done.. still aren't releasable just yet ;)  

 I'm glad to welcome the New Year with work that, not only am I proud of (because I surprised the hell out of myself ! ) but that truly means something personal to me. Some of you may know the subjects in these photos as Promoters, IG models , BADDIES, Boss Bitches, Thotty Thursday MUVAS , 1st Sunday Brunch Queens, etc.... Shit going into this hotel suite I knew them as Crystals Fun Ass Friends, I was no different then you... Falling for the endless thirst traps they cleverly set up, crying out " BODY GOALS" in the comments , Double Tapping from one image to the next...  

I met Crystal at a mutual friends co hosted event and from the moment I met her, I knew this was a Real One. Despite her not knowing me or amidst headlining the event , she was this enigma, consistently upbeat and with the kindest warmth ( Im sure she'd use it to get out of a ticket.. ) 

She asked me to cover her Birthday Event , Which Im sure most of you noticed... * Whispers : "it was a Lingeriesoiree .. lots of girls in cute shit ya know" And I ended up with some of the dopest footage I've ever been able to capture. This party highlighted so many of the reasons I love shooting. I had a professor In college who taught me that photography was access , it was a storytelling that couldn't be faked or forced, a raw lens into a subjects environment , oftentimes an emotional plane that only few could relate to while many empathized.... I don't think anyone who was coming into that party knew the magnitude of the fun we were about to create. These ladies set a mood for the rest of the year! and you may not understand that because you simply weren't there, but between Crystals emotional toast and the group photo which was almost impossible to take lol , You cant deny the carefree openness these wonderful women display through and through in these images. I won't punish you guys or better yet embarrass myself by gushing wayyyy too much about how I love these ladies I'll let the images speak but I will say this ... 

Whatever you think you know about them... You don't. The work ethic, support, and configuration of this Thotty Empire is beyond professional. This is a family that plays its strengths well and truly loves one another without condition and if you ever took a seat at their table they'd feed ya and make sure your cup never ran dry! I have a new handful of best friends and a shit load of amazing images to share with ya so lets begin...                                                                             

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julianny casado