I finally got the amazing opportunity of shooting my crazy talented friend Eric West. Ive been itching to shoot Eric since we met , so imagine my awe when the call finally came through ?! 

To date this has been one of my favorite shoots , not only because of the beautiful work we accomplished , but because of the organic vibe we consistently maintained on set. Everyone worked together to make it all go smoothly, from styling - to on the spot location scouting. 

I had my close friend Becky do what she does ( I know it looks flawless! ) 

This was my first time doing mens makeup on set , it was very intriguing and refreshing. Ive always said mens faces are easier to edit then women's , mostly due to the fact that men are praised for ruggedness and have been pulling off low maintenance flawlessly for centuries. Now I feel very open to grooming makeup for future male shoots. It gave me peace of mind for post and I personally feel it boost your subjects comfort and confidence. Itcompletely eliminates the "wow you can see my pores "  comments and let's the subject focuson motion instead of what the shot you just took looks like, But alright enough talk 


 Souls Enjoy!

julianny casado