“Let there be light,”


Where to begin?


Well I guess "Hello" would be the proper sentiment or "Welcome, come on in." lol. 


I wanted to make my first post about the creation and reason of this beautiful space. I’ve always had a knack for writing (Big thanks to my 7th grade teacher for pushing me to practice writing and even enter a few competitions here and there (I know who would have thought!)  I love challenging myself to create my own captions for Instagram in form of storytelling or poetry to help guide the viewer in what my photographs really mean. I’ve been sitting on the idea of blogging for a very long time now, the only thing holding me back was well; Me. The fears of having lack of substance or the proper consistency have kept me and this crazy creative world I live in hidden under the “your eyes only" tab of my life. This past year for me has been a whirlwind ride between seeing new perspectives, loosing friends, learning the act of "Adulting", Finding love and light in the places I’ve led myself to believe had none, Tons of self-love, and consistent growth and healing. Within all of that I’ve learned to appreciate my voice and the power of my words, the fact that what I do believe and have to say matters; if not to anyone other than myself. So I’ve created this space where I can choose the content and message I put out on a bigger scale then a(n) Instagram caption or 140-character tweet. So I ask that all who pass by have some compassion and honest feedback on the lively hood of my content, as I’m learning as I go and finding my own style along the way. I hope to find likeminded individuals, people who are looking for answers and advice, and ultimately freedom of creation and expression through all of this. So, I Welcome you to this open journey of all that is JUJUISH.




julianny casado