Not Your Average Grandma


If you wanted to know where you could find me on any given afternoon , I’d tell you flat out “Perched on a bar stool eating pizza.” Growing up as a kid in the city, pizza was a huge pass time. You're parents yelled at you to slow down in fear of you choking on the cheese , You would fight your sibling/cousins for the inside seat in the booth, and there was always red pepper flakes everywhere. So its safe to say, pizza is a deeply instilled tradition in my life and no matter where I go , I know there is a universal language of cheese, sauce, and bread.

One of my favorite pizza places in the city is Pizza Italia , this spot is truly a gem ! Coved on a side street in Chelsea , It is the perfect place to wander into and grab a slice, Ive gone with groups of friends, small lunch dates, and unabashedly by myself (okkkaaayyyyy). 



Now You Maybe asking what on earth is a grandma slice.. No worries I googled it and saved you the time (you're welcome) 

“ There's nothing quite like a thin-crust slice of pizza. ...  A Grandma pie is square or rectangular pizza that has been cooked in an olive oil-coated pan. It's covered in a thin layer of mozzarella cheese, and in uncooked canned or fresh tomatoes, and when it comes out of the oven, the thick crust is a little crispy.” 


This brings joy to my soul , because not only do they have an amazing recipe … but they don't even follow the rules ! Pizza Italias Grandma Slice is a traditional cut pizza with a triangular shape. This slice is packed with cheese , savory yet thick marinara , and perfectly blended herbs. Its an experience I feel any pizza fanatic should have . This slice is badass and way more filling then it looks. I warn you now , its addicting and you will be craving this slice on those long lonely nights only good pizza could help comfort. Hope you souls grab a slice and let me know how you feel about it !

julianny casadoFood, NYC