The Glossier Scoop : Body Hero Duo

So last month Glossier unleashed madness on us all, with their new product set…    

for your body !!! 

I know … 

Let me explain a little back history with me and Glossier … To be honest I was a bit skeptical and hesitant with jumping on the “must have” bandwagon everyone seemed to be on. I was extremely intrigued by the boy brow and wanted to try it. I genuinely wanted to know what all the hype was about. Was this brand worth it? Would it help my sensitive ass skin? Was this just another product trend ?  

Well with reviews from blogs and friends social media the curiosity only thickened , this stuff was everywhere! To prove my point I ended up stumbling across the Glossier soho showroom here in NYC , and being able to actually touch every product and ask the cool pink overalled ladies my questions sold the deal. I purchased Boy Brow  (in brown ) as well as a Lip Gloss , and I haven't looked back. 

Since then I've only been making wish-lists of which Glossier products i want to try next. so when the Body Hero Duo dropped , you can imagine my giddiness. This stuff is amazing ! Not only is it lady bits friendly but its vegan! To me thats super important , I'm currently at an impasse in my life where I desire to be more consciously aware of everything that I introduce to my body. Its not easy !  But its not impossible, and I've been taking small steps towards my goal. Glossier helps that tremendously because their modo is skin first, and come on.. how can you not get on board with that? Looks good, Feels good , And actually is good for ya! 


A lot of us also tend to neglect our bodies , yet stick to vigorous face routines like church. No shade, But we are all guilty of it. The new Body Hero Daily Oil Wash will make you wanna stay on your P’s and Q’s when it comes to your skin routine, The Daily Oil Wash was inspired by face oil cleansers that remove makeup and germs yet keep moisture. This wash goes from oil to a light froth as soon as water hits it. compact with seven nutrient rich and moisturizing oils: Coconut, Meadowfoam, Olive, Soybean, Sesame, Grapeseed and Sunflower Seed oil. These are all nourishing for super soft skin. I’m so happy about how Glossier applied such thought into a body product. Since I get really dry skin, this oil wash will be perfect for keeping in moisture. 


Following with The Daily Perfecting Cream , it moisturizes skin and leaves it looking hydrated. This stuff feels great! Its thick and creamy , I imagine it being a cool protective layer of hydration and it perfects and enhances the look of skin through light-reflecting particles. Plus, it’s loaded with desert plant extracts to plump the skin with hydration and add a dewy glow. 

If you souls wanna give it a shot , shop with me and get 10% off of your Glossier purchase.  

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