Fall Favorites

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Rouge and Rouge 

JuJu Lashes




First off …come on they share the same nickname as me …duh.  

no, I stumbled upon rouge and rouge through Instagram i fell in love with the customer photos , the amazing makeup people accentuated with them , and then when i hit the link in their bio ; their price point . These babies were $8 bucks a pair. 

Now you may say ehh thats a little high, but in all reality for the quality and amount of wears you get out of these faux mink lashes… its ridiculous. I bought 4 pairs. Out of those I've only used a pair in a month span. With care and delicate glue removal , these babies feel brand spanking new each wear. Not to mention the branding and packaging fills my dark little soul with glee. I'm a huge believer in magic and these lovely lashes are all that and more. 









This highlight is for the soul who wants some cheekbones on fleek without the excessive shine, if you know me you know I'm all about my highlight! how i wear my highlight really depends on the occasion. i can go from “in yo face shine from miles away”  to  “coy and flirty glow” . i like this for everyday wear , i love to call it my no highlight highlight. its subtle yet very much there. i swear its so natural looking people wont know you're even wearing it and the light catches it just right.this twist up stick glides on like butter and with just your fingers you can blend it in all the right areas. I use haloscope in quartz and moonstone. you can grab yours at just $22 dollars but you can shop my link and get 10% off your order ( you're welcome ! )


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Trader Joes 


Goat Milk Soap With Olive Oil & Honey





I found this beauty while food shopping recently and at just $1.99 a bar its amazing . With Temperatures changing and the cold settling in here in New York City , its always a good idea to take care of your body. The winter brings harsh winds and even harsher dry conditions to our skin. No worries though ,trader joe’s gotcha! This sensitive skin friendly soap is made with No parabens, no sulfates, no glycerin, and no fragrances. It’s about as pure as it gets—and they're handcrafted in Izmir, Turkey. I'm all for holistic therapy and job demand. I find this bar to be super silky and hydration friendly. 





Pumice Powder  (Foot Bar)  





This fun little bar does badass things! I originally bought it because it smelled good and at a $4.95 price point how could i not? Now that I've used it , i recommend it for any one with dry or cracked heels , as well as anyone who suffers from the occasional case of stinky feet . its fresh orange scent will satisfy your senses, while the pumice powder exfoliates away your dead skin . it leaves my feet feeling s mouth and pampered .You can follow it up with a warm rinse and lotion for your feet, and you're golden! 



H&M Beauty

“Orange Ochre” “Tumeric” 





This happened by complete  accident, imagine shopping for clothes and bam! across the room a magical makeup counter appears… ok …a bit less dramatic, but nonetheless surprising. I've only tried the eyeshadows from h&m but let me tell you! these little suckers are so pigmented one swipe could be all you need. For $6.99 and the quality you get , theres no question about it. you can find many shades and styles within their collection.






That wraps my fall goodies , I hope you souls find some great use for this stuff, remember the holidays are just around the corner and you can sure fill stockings with these and save money! 



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