Oh My T’eo


Currently I'm obsessed with lush. I have no clue why its taken me so long to come around to the brand, but I'm really glad i have.        My schedule is a bit tight ,with projects and regular adulting activities currently taking the lead (Thank God )..  so every chance i get to pop in to lush, i do. My last haul has been one of my favorites. I was caught by the massage bars initially, as i was purchasing them as a gift for their known skin therapy magic (Future Post On These Wonderful Things Coming) but what really floored me was Lush’s T'eo Deodorant Bar

       " T’eo is actually a solid bar of densely compacted powders. These kinds of powdery  ingredients don’t stop you from sweating, but they do absorb and control sweat’s effects.Other natural ingredients like witch hazel and chamomile vinegar act as mild astringents on your pores, which can have a cooling effect on the area and help deter the need to sweat. However, while the powders help with moisture, your body is still allowed to do its thing and function naturally. ” 


This bar had me at hello , its not only aesthetically pleasing to look at with its dipped blue wax bottom and casual flower imprinted top, its also a complementary aromatherapy session. If you love lemongrass this is sooo for you , T'eo will have you up and ready with the natural energy boost its triple citrus scent exudes . This little bar rolls on easy and seals instantly. As soon as i apply it to my underarms they take on a matte layer. Throughout the day i find myself barely sweating , only during heightened activity do i find myself sweating more , but even then; once I've stopped and cooled down my underarms dry fine. Ive also found that since switching out my deodorant for téo and using it daily i sweat a lot less and if i forget to apply deodorant ( cause it happens)  i find myself smelling good and not worried one bit . 

Made Primarily out of Juniper berry, tea tree and lemongrass oils , This bar kicks ass , it not only checks off the feels good , works good checklist , but it hits the made good checklist.  

In case you missed my last post ,I can happily emphasize that i am highly interested in all natural products. Im currently exploring what works well with my body and its chemistry, as well as pushing conscious boundaries on what i allow myself to be in contact with, after all it is mind body and soul… 

I hope to encourage a few of you to poke your heads out and see whats out there, as well as what alternatives you beautiful souls have available for ya. 





julianny casado